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The Tennessee Sleep Society (TSS) is a non-profit professional organization comprised of sleep medicine professionals dedicated to providing public and professional education in Sleep Disorders and Sleep Medicine, to promoting the advancement of sleep medicine, and to insuring its membership has a voice in national, state and regional policy making.

The Tennessee Sleep Society was formed in Nashville in 2000 at a meeting of sleep technologists from around the state of Tennessee.

The society was incorporated in July of 2004 as a non-profit corporation.

The Tennessee Society for Respiratory Care (TSRC) and the TSS began discussing legislative issues during 2005.  A Working Group comprised of members of both organizations was created in the spring of 2006, potentially to formulate a legislative proposal, designed to improve the quality of sleep medicine delivery in the state.

The Working Group met regularly through January of 2007.  A bill proposal was sponsored in both the Tennessee House and Senate in February 2007, designed to create a Polysomnography Practice Committee which would be empowered to license PSG technologists in Tennessee.  The collaboration was a great success.

June 21, 2007  Governor Bredesen signs the Polysomnography Practice Act, as sponsored jointly by the TSRC and TSS, into law.

The Tennessee PSG Practice Act provides for a standards of practice committee to be formed over the next couple of years.  Provisions in the act will not take effect until July 2010.

The leadership of the TSS plans to continue the highly productive collaboration with TSRC leadership, in order to improve health care circumstances within the scope of its mission.

Purpose and Objectives

The Tennessee Sleep Society represents sleep professionals in Tennessee and neighboring states.  From the official bylaws, it's founding objectives and purposes are as follows:

Section 2.1 To promote and provide education in polysomnography and sleep medicine;

Section 2.2  To encourage and assist in the advancement of science and technical standards of polysomnographic technology;

Section 2.3 To protect and preserve both the patient and public trust in the polysomnographic technologist by promoting the highest level of clinical standards for patient care and safety and  to produce the highest quality of polysomnographic data;

Section 2.4 To promote increased awareness of sleep medicine and sleep disorders treatment;

Section 2.5 To promote and improve standards of training and qualifications for polysomnographic technologists;

Section 2.6 To develop and maintain the essentials to perpetuate the Society and its objectives.

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